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About - Adnroid App BetOn

This is the latest Android application from Autoselekt company, which will allow you to increase your sports betting success by as much as 80% in the shortest time and with the least effort.

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Android app - BetOn

BetOn - Main

You can see your available stars on the Main page.

  • A green star is always available, and if you are a 7 or 30 day subscriber, all stars are available.
  • In addition to the always free green star, we approve one or more other stars of other colors every day, in order to help your bet as much as possible.

A total of 7 buttons with different functions.

  • Analysis - Free match analysis and analysis for subscribers.
  • Doubles - Free and subscribers bets on doubles.
  • Statistics - Free statistics for some interesting matches.
  • Systems - Free betting suggestions in the system.
  • Football - Football betting program. About 60 football leagues and over 500 matches, most of which are completely free.
  • Hockey - Hockey betting program with the most popular leagues in these sports. Some of these leagues are completely free.
  • Only Free Tips - Only free tips, in the desire to help everyone make money from betting.
At the bottom you can see the meaning of all stars, as well as the possibility to subscribe to one or all stars.

BetOn - Analysis

Part for free and subscriber analysis of matches from all sports.

Android app - BetOn
By clicking on Analysis, we get all the matches that are in the database at that moment.
Some matches are free, some are not, some have already been played, some are yet to be played. We try to make them the highest quality analysis from our associates from all over the world.
Android app - BetOn
By clicking on the selected match you can see the analysis.
If the analysis is marked with a green star, it means that it is free. If it is another star, then only subscribers can see that analysis. We try to have enough free analysis.
Android app - BetOn
By clicking on TRANSLATE, you can translate the analysis into your language or the language that suits you best.
In this way, we enable users not to waste time translating, but to use the time to make money. Time is money, isn't it?.

BetOn - Doubles

Part for betting on two matches (doubles), free of charge and for subscribers..

Android app - BetOn
The layout for the offer is double.
By clicking on one of the 5 buttons you can see the proposed bet on two matches (double).
  • Free - A green star means it is always double free.
  • Premium - The yellow star is for users who have subscribed only to the yellow star or to all stars. Tips from all sports for which we have a little better information.
  • Hockey - The blue star is for users who have subscribed only to the blue star or to all stars. They are mostly hockey tips, but also tips from some Nordic football leagues.
  • Players - Orange star for users who have subscribed only to the orange star or to all stars. These are mostly double bets on basketball players. Number of points, number of rebounds, number of blocks, etc ... All basketball leagues are included.
  • American - Red star for users who have subscribed only to the red star or to all stars. All American sports bets are covered. First of all, the NBA basketball league, teams, players, etc ..., but also the best football leagues from South and Central America, as well as hockey from North America.
Android app - BetOn
Screenshot after clicking on some double (in this case Free).